From @localheinz to @ergebnis

With 2019 in review and 2020 coming closer, I am sorting out a few things related to open-source projects I am maintaining.


I have decided to move the open-source PHP projects I am currently maintaining on my personal account @localheinz to the organization @ergebnis on GitHub.

The following projects have been moved so far:


At the moment, I have ~350 public repositories under my personal account. Most of these repositories are forks of projects I have contributed to in the past, and only a few of them are sources.

By moving the source repositories to a separate organization:

  • they become more visible to me and can be more easily be discovered by others
  • they become less attached to my person and maintenance can be more easily transferred to collaborators when necessary
  • adding and managing maintainers or collaborators becomes a lot easier

If you are using any of the packages provided by these repositories: thank you! I am happy that I - standing on the shoulders of giants - have built something useful for others.

In any case, take a look at; I have provided instructions for updating. In most cases, the only things that have changed are vendor prefixes (from localheinz to ergebnis) and namespaces (from Localheinz to Ergebnis).


Perhaps you have been considering to do something similar?

Here is an example of how I moved localheinz/test-util to ergebnis/test-util:

  1. transfer ownership
  2. rename references localheinz/test-util to ergebnis/test-util
  3. rename namespace Localheinz\Test\Util to Ergebnis\Test\Util
  4. provide details on how to update in
  5. submit package ergebnis/test-util to Packagist
  6. ensure that integration with Packagist works
  7. abandon package localheinz/test-util on Packagist and suggest ergebnis/test-util as a replacement
  8. tag and push a new major release of ergebnis/test-util
  9. update packages previously using localheinz/test-util to using ergebnis/test-util, for example, in ergebnis/phpstan-rules
  10. keep fingers crossed 🤞


At the same time, I am archiving a few projects that I have never brought to a stage that makes sense keeping them around:

If you find the transition from @localheinz to @ergebnis difficult, please accept my apologies.

If you need any help, let me know, and I will see what I can do.

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