Black lives matter

I am a middle-aged white man working in tech. I can afford to spend my spare time working on open-source projects. I am privileged.

A few days ago, I spent two hours renaming the default branches of the repositories in the @ergebnis organization from master to main.

For a brief moment, I was considering the consequences of renaming the branches - for contributors and users. I don’t know if anyone will be affected by the rename, but for what it’s worth: when a user been affected, then they are still alive. A renamed branch or broken build is only a minor inconvenience compared to being harassed, beaten up, or choked to death because of the color of your skin.

If you encounter any issues because of the renaming, I apologize. You will get over it. If you think this change was unnecessary, think again.

I am not alone. Friends and neighbors in the PHP and the entire software development community have made efforts in the last weeks, months, and years to acknowledge the use of offensive terminology, and have started to rename things.

Naming is hard. Renaming things is easy.

✊🏿 Black lives matter.


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