Are you a fan of working with pull requests?

Then you will like these T-shirts! Made from 100 % organic cotton, vegan, and approved by Peta, they are a pleasure to wear. With the high-quality silkscreen prints, hand-made with love in Berlin, they will also be fun to wear for every branch you create, every pull request you open, close, or merge.

The T-shirts are available in S, M, L, and XL.

Branch (T-Shirt) on shop.localheinz.com)


Sure, I got a branch for that somewhere!

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Draft (T-Shirt) on shop.localheinz.com)


Still work in progress?

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Open (T-Shirt) on shop.localheinz.com)


You do not like it? Open a pull request.

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Closed (T-Shirt) on shop.localheinz.com)


Appreciate your effort, but I have decided not to merge this.

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Merged (T-Shirt) on shop.localheinz.com)


Looks good to me, thanks a lot for your work!

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